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Maintenance and Repair

We provide maintenance at Joensuu Airport, eastern Finland.  

Maintenance and repair work are a vital part of keeping the operational readiness of an aircraft at the level required for reliable and safe operations. 

Performing preventative maintenance helps to avoid big unexpected repairs or failures and will enable aircraft and its components reach designed operational levels and cycles before inspection and overhaul. 

Scheduling maintenance in conjunction with airworthiness management makes sensible use of downtime and keeps costs down. With over 100 individual aircraft under our maintenance operations, our level of practical expertise is unique. We create maintenance programs that make sense. 

We also handle advanced repairs with special requirements through our network of aircraft and component manufacturers. We work closely with manufacturers.  

Our contacts guarantee the best training for our employees and access to the latest aviation rules and regulations. We always have the right information in order to organise maintenance and repair work in a way that saves both time and money.

Contact us to order equipment, book installation or service for your aircraft - or ask a question. We are always happy to help. 

Examples of Our Maintenance and Repair Services
  • scheduled and preventative maintenance 

  • damage and failure repairs, inspections 

  • painting (aircraft or components) 

  • propeller and engine overhauls 

  • structural inspections 

  • interior updates (seats, upholstery, seatbelts etc.) 

  • component replacement 


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