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Joen Service provides comprehensive services for a large number of aircraft types and operations. Enabling your flight safely and efficiently is our goal.

We offer Airworthiness Management and Inspections to Aircraft Maintenance, Upgrades, Ground Handling and Fuelling.

Airworthiness management involves following a large number of directives, requirements and bulletins. Our services combine both CAMO+I airworthiness management and annual airworthiness inspections. With less overlap and more cost efficiency, we can ensure your safe flight in a sensible way.


We currently have more than 100 aircraft under our management. With our long history and extensive mechanical experience, we can offer you the best knowledge there is. We’ll always find the best maintenance schedule for your aircraft without ever compromising safety.

We are the authorized representative and service provider of many aviation manufacturers. We have direct access to manufacturers' databases and networks.

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Our Services


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