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Our new customers tend to stay with us. Keeping the aircraft in the skies safely is naturally the priority for each pilot and owner and that makes maintenance and repair works important. Ever changing directives and guidelines by the authorities and the global pressure to reduce the carbon footprint control and limit aviation. When balancing between expenses, safety and user comfort the need of expertise is imminent.

For more than three decades we have grown our know-how and we know now what the customers expect from us.  We take care of your aircraft as if it was one of our own, meaning that we give real effort in keeping your plane safe and up to date. Knowing our customers’ needs and working together with them gives us a perception of what this means to each customer individually. We divide the work to help us avoid unnecessary work and delays. Our customers rightly expect us to be real experts and that is why we have systematically increased both our expertise in maintenance and our product representation. Having great maintenance volumes, proper training and an access to the manufacturers database makes sure that we will keep your plane in the air in accordance with the latest regulations guidelines with certificated components and the right parts.

As our customer, we promise to keep you flying with an aircraft that is both safe and customized to fulfill your needs. Our promise “enabling flight together” means that we will handle the whole service chain from airworthiness to maintenance and fuel supply in the way that is best suitable for you.

Enabling flight together – Joen Service Oy

Joen Service OY in a nutshell

  • Founded in Joensuu, Finland in 1981

  • More than 100 planes under our management

  • More than 300 pleased customers

  • Comprehensive concessions
    (145, F, G, AOC)

  • Offices in Joensuu and Lahti-Vesivehmaa

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