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Joen Service

Joen Service is a Finnish aviation service provider. Our promise Enabling Flight Together means that we are here for you as a team. We will manage the airworthiness of your aircraft and provide any maintenance, modifications or updates needed. We will provide you with Ground Handling services, leaving you to enjoy flying for business or pleasure.

Aircraft safety and correctness of operation are prerequisites in aviation. To achieve safety and to maintain airworthiness, regular professional maintenance is needed along with periodic renewal and updates of aircraft equipment.

Our continuous maintenance operation, high quality training and wide manufacturer network allows us to provide reliable and tailored aircraft maintenance and installation services. By operating in accordance to the latest regulations and guidelines and by using correct manufacturer recommended parts and certified components, we provide you with first class service.


Enabling Flight Together

– Joen Service Aviation Services –

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We Promise

As our valued customer, we promise to keep you flying with an aircraft that is both safe and customized to your needs. Our promise Enabling Flight Together means that we will handle the whole service chain from airworthiness to maintenance and fuel supply in close co-operation with you.



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