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Fueling Services - Keep Your Plane flying in the Nordics

We provide and distribute high quality AvGas 100 LL. The fuel is certified and meets the aviation standards. It is produced in Paldiski, Estonia. Due to our northern location, we can provide the fuel at a lower than the average cost with more flexibility. At the moment, we provide fuel in Finland, Sweden and Norway and have a more than 30% market share on AvGas distribution in Finland.

We can provide to you also in smaller quantities or with 3000 liter tanks that can be sold or rented to you. For the flight operators, we can provide the fuel straight into their tanks or use one of our own. Our tanks are certified for storing fuel. The customer must make sure that storing fuel is allowed in the location.

We can also negotiate on opening new fuel dealerships in a place, where there is a real demand. Ideally, we can provide you the fuel as soon as the next day.

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